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Lawn Care From Wright Stripes

For some, the neat square of green velvet with hardly a daisy in sight is a the ideal lawn and we can help you strive towards this goal with regular maintenance and treatments along with mowing and bordering.

A well-kept lawn is an attractive feature in its own right along with being part of your overall garden layout and a healthy lawn will stand up to kids playing football, trampolines and other garden furniture and still look good year after year.

If you are starting from scratch we are happy to prepare and lay your lawn and then help it to establish over the following months and years by scarifing, controlling weeds and fertilising when needed.

More established lawns need to be kept well mown along with a certain amount of weed control and annual rake out of dead grass and moss and these are services we are happy to carry out.

Whether you have a private garden or commercial premises, need a lawn laid or re-turfed, or just need someone to take on the regular up keep of your lawned areas we know we can help.

With over twenty years experience we are sure we can give you a healthy, attractive lawn that you will love and others will envy!!

Call us on 0800 2118002 for advice and a chat about your lawn care requirements.

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